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But, on that night, the 36-year-old was white-knuckled.

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The News-Sentinel says it will have designated pages produced by its staffers that will be included within the Journal Gazette’s printed editions while focusing more on its digital content." "'When we got there, there was a police cordon,' Chris said during a phone call on Wednesday.

Formerly the Wall Street Journal’s Yankees beat writer, he had not paid any attention to hockey since his hometown Rangers won the 1994 Stanley Cup.

Until a few months prior, he had no idea who Jaden Schwartz, Paul Stasny, and Kevin Shattenkirk even were.

This one got a late start, thanks to a downpour, but the seats had four different clubs to seek refuge in.

With two picky eaters gone teenagers, I was not about to waste the all-you can eat ballpark food at the Porsche Club, so we gambled on the Foxwoods Club and waited out the rain until we could order Shake Shack from the waiter service. Its better than anything I ever ate at Shea, but I wonder whats the surcharge to order a second helping of the 86 Mets, please.


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