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Or maybe he’s just as magical as last time, but it’s that’s off this time.

Even though you can usually hold up your end of a sparkling conversation with a brick wall, your mind is suddenly blank and you have nothing to say.

Just get into what he's saying so much that you'll forget your own fear," she says."Brandon Aki (@Brandon Aki), the "real Hitch" and author of He Said: A Crash Course in Dating for Women, says you should make like a boy scout and be prepared.

"Really take your time with everything, from picking out clothes to thinking about questions you want answers to," he says.

The trick to having a great second date with someone is to only go out with him if you really are interested in getting to know him better.

If that seems to you like a downburst of rain on your parade, it isn’t meant to be. That giddy feeling is awesome, but it can make you overthink. re really nervous, you tend to worry about how you come across so much that it seems self-involved," Frances says.Lauren Frances (@Laurens Love Rx), love coach and founder of The Institute of Romantic Research, has a solution: Concentrate on him during date No. So instead, "compliment what he's wearing, mirror his body language, ask him what he loves to do most.But beyond there, here are "So many women I work with say yes to a second date because he seems nice and there's nothing wrong with him on paper, therefore she feels like she should like him. An incredible second date definitely depends on what you did on the first date.But, despite his credentials, there isn't that spark," said Veronica Grant, dating coach. However, the key is to do something different, be creative, don't be afraid to show personality.And those that "grew on you" ended up turning into ex-boyfriends eventually.


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